I fell in love with kettlebell sport years ago, when I was bored, frustrated and overweight as a businessman. After 3 months of training with kettlebells I lost more than 10kg body fat and felt really strong for the first time in years. Then I decided to quit my businesses and go for one goal only… to make kettlebell sport more famous and bigger in the Netherlands and if possible further in the world.

I learned from some of the best coaches and athletes in the world. Over the last 9 years (now being 2023) I have teached hundreds of persons during group lessons at the Rotterdam Kettlebell Academy, programming kettlebell lifters throughout Europe, given more than 70 kettlebell sport workshops and certified new trainers in collaboration with the IKFF. All my experiences you can find on this website, ready to go for you.

Kettlebell Trainer and Coach Barry Andre
Kettlebell Trainer and Coach Barry Andre
Kettlebell Trainer and Coach Barry Andre

The most valuable lesson I have learned is that physical training has a very powerful effect on creating a healthy body and growing stronger mentally.

As we all know, or you will soon find out, kettlebell sport is one of the most fantastic sports there is, but it can also be very hard on you. So always train with your heart, be patient in your progress and show perseverance, because that is how kettlebell sport works. Keep this in mind always and at any stage of your kettlebell sport journey.

Let’s rock! Barry André

Qualifications Kettlebell Coach & Trainer Barry Andre

  • Head coach Rotterdam Kettlebell Academy
  • IKFF Kettlebell Master Trainer Level 2
  • Coach Rotterdam Kettlebell Sport Team
  • 1e Place WKSF Online World Cup 2020 – Jerk
  • Gold medal WKSF World Championship 2019 – Snatch
  • Silver medal WKSF World Championship 2019 – Longcycle
  • Holder of multiple National records in Kettlebell Sport
  • National Champion Kettlebell Sport 2017 & 2021
  • Won medals on all national competitions during the last years
Kettlebell Trainer and Coach Barry Andre